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Nice Ride! | 5 Watersports Safety Tips

wakeboaring on big rideau lake

My family and I have been savoring our time out on the Big Rideau Lake this summer enjoying towed watersports.   As a parent, I am precautious and protective when taking any kids or friends out for a tow.  Whether it be skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, or surfing, there are regulations in place for safety purposes.  Here are 5 tips to help avoid injury, damage to property, and/or a fine from the OPP:

Love thy Neighbour | Boating is a Community

shore power resized 600

Marina life is social, fun, and should be as close to care-free as possible. Here on the Big Rideau Lake we can honestly say that there are more boats than people in permanent residence. That means there are a multitude of small details that can be missed.

Marina and Boating Rules 101 | 5 Points for BBQuing on Your Boat

barbeque grill boat resized 600

We don't actually like the word "rules" here. Boating is too much fun to get to serious about regulations and strictness. We have a saying at Len's Cove: "common sense dictates". 

Why AIRMILES®? | Boating Rewards and You

travel and boating

You spend your hard earned money on boating, and hopefully you feel that it is worth it. Ironically, even though my daily "grind" comes from boats, boating issues, boaters' proirities, etc., we still as a family head out on the lake to unwind and relax. We get it.

Pleasure Craft Licensing in Ontario | Registering Your Used Boat

pleasure craft license numbers

Whether you are buying a new or used boat from a dealer, or are buying one privately, you should make sure that it is properly licensed. A Pleasure Craft License is a number affixed to the side of your boat to help the boat be identified in case of an emergency.  The number is similar to a license plate on your car/truck but does not need renewal. The number needs to be shown on the outside of your boat, be clearly visible to others and need to: 

Let us Bring Groceries to You | Another Big Rideau Lake Exclusive!

kudrinkos grocery store Westport

Life on the boat or at the cottage on Big Rideau Lake: it should be relaxing, fun filled with good time, good friends, and good food!

Launch Delays on Big Rideau Lake | Your Boat, Our Commitment

Big Rideau Lake Levels 2014

Mother Nature is providing challenges; as I am sure you are aware. It maybe affecting your homes, basements, lawns, etc. We hope that you are not dramatically impacted.

OEM Parts vs After Market Parts | Your Boating Enjoyment

OEM boat parts

Used boat need repairs or maintenance; it is a reality. From time to time we have customers question us about the reason we order OEM parts for thier boats as opposed to after-market parts. In a particular example, it was his belief that our business made more money when ordering OEM parts and that was the only reason for choosing them.

Saving you Money on Fuel | Big Rideau Lake’s new Stinson Fuel Station

stinson fuel truck

Your boating is our priority. Saving you money when you fuel up your boat means you spend less to get out more and enjoy the Big Rideau Lake, the Rideau Canal, and waterways beyond.

Service on Big Rideau Lake | 25 Years for Gary and Benda

gary and brenda 25 years resized 600

25 years, is that a long time? It is when you talk about the loyalty and service of fantastic employees. Gary Brash and Brenda Baker started at Len's Cove Marina 25 years ago this March. We took some time to celebrate that accomplishment, thank them for their dedication, and have a little fun.

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