Why the Sun Plus Boating Equals Hope for You

Posted By Sean Horsfall On March 06, 2016
Without the sun most of us are less happy people. Those first few rays of "spring like" warmth that start to radiate through in early March compel my legs to stop walking and turn my face up towards it and soak it in. It is a force that I can not resist and I feel like a man walking across the desert might who would stop to drink in water or someone seeing a masterpiece of architecture for the first time.

Some of us are fortunate enough to head to warmer climates for long or short trips in the winter. This sun feeling is different and yet amazing tonic for life in Canada. It is holistic in nature, medicine to help us defeat winter blahs and remind us that we have the strength to persevere.

The Spring sun has even more power - the power of hope. It reminds us of what lies ahead. It teases us with memories from Summer's past. It encourages us to make plans and be grateful for what we have and who we spend our lives with. In my opinion, hope is key. Without it, there is no purpose in life, and it lacks meaning.

How does this tie to boating? Hope, and the power of spring sun is about a fresh start, and a new chapter. I was reminded of this quite a few times this winter. We often have the pleasure of working with people who do not yet own cottages or boats. They look to us for guidance in a world that is foreign and yet exciting to them. We were lucky enough to work with quite a few newbies this past fall/winter and into the spring. Some are here on Big Rideau Lake, and others are from areas all around Eastern Ontario.
It is a joy to truly help someone take meaningful steps towards something that they want and hope to aspire to.That memory of the first boat ride, the first cliff jump, the first sunset on the lake, the first camp fire at their new cottage....so many firsts, so many good things in life.
Having experienced all of these things personally and being blessed to witness them in so many other friends and clients, I am full of hope for another summer on the water....let's get out there.