Your Fall Makes Your Spring Boating | Lessons Learned, New Ways

Posted By Sean Horsfall On August 29, 2014

Shrink wrapping boats

Reflecting on the past is something that we do often here. We do that, not to have regrets, but to look for opportunities. Sometimes we find things that went really well and should be expanded on. Other times, there are challenges that present a chance to be better the next time.

The spring launch of 2014 is one of those periods of time that required serious analysis. Although no one would argue with the fact that Eastern Ontario and the Big Rideau Lake experienced insane snow and ice loads, a late thaw, and never seen before flood conditions, there are positive things that can come from those delays. This spring is a new benchmark for how rough a spring can be, and makes an excellent yard stick to measure how we would prepare for the next one.

Yes, that’s right. We are going to mix up our procedures here so that we can be on schedule during the worst of times, and even possibly ahead of schedule or able to react instantly to unknowns when we have fantastic weather in the spring. In the past we have treated Fall Winterizing and storage as an event that is only loosely connected at best to spring launch. We have allowed a lot of work, decisions about launch times, wash and wax and winter work, to come in the spring. This is about to change.

New for Fall 2014 / Spring 2015 we are going to “Fall ahead” by insisting on more information and planning in the fall:

  • Spring Launch Dates will be chosen when you are done with/drop off your boat. The best guideline is your date from last year. Please be realistic about when you will actually use your boat and not book too early. Also note that although those dates will NOT be written in stone, that moving later will be possible, and earlier will not likely.
  • All Winter Work will be discussed if possible at drop off. Because snow and ice conditions are beyond our control, we have to place boats in storage order based on launch dates and winter work.
  • If you have a “cruiser” and you would like your anti-fouling bottom paint re-coated, we are going to strive to get 80-100% of those done in the fall. More news on this soon.
  • Wash and Wax will be booked in the fall, so that we can better schedule spring hiring, and timing of boat movement.
  • “Winter Storage” contracts will renew in September, and “Year Round” Dockage and Storage contracts will renew in March. If you currently have a “Fall to Fall” contract, it will be shifted to a “Spring to Spring” contract and an interim “winter” one will be made for you.

What will all this mean for you? Change for one (which we recognize can be hard). Secondly, more “work” in the fall, and less work in the spring. Thirdly, a better service experience, with fewer delays, and less errors. This ultimately is the main reason for the change.

One of the best parts....we've lowered the price!! Click here for that post.

We are here for you, and you alone:

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“Len’s Cove is committed to delivering the best boating by competing with ourselves, not other boat dealers. We are better today than we were yesterday, and will be better tomorrow than we are today. We love what we do and just happen to sell amazing boats, and provide incredible boating services on Big Rideau Lake.”