Two Risks of Buying or Not Buying Your Boat at a Boat Show                                   

Posted By Sean Horsfall On February 17, 2018
Should I buy a boat


New boats or used boats - either are a fun and possibly stressful purchase decision. We have been displaying at Boat Shows for over 50 years, and although they have changed along with everything in our world, one thing has remained the same – the two main boat show buying risks.

NOT buying at the show may mean not having the right boat for summer...

That’s right, not deciding to buy your dream boat now (at the end of the winter or before) has some risk. There is the risk that your price will go up because the dealers and manufacturers have a promotion tied to the show.  The bigger risk though is that you won’t get the right boat…the one you really want. We see it all the time, great people waiting until spring to come out to the marina to look again and drive before you buy. We get it, we are consumers too. The issue that often arises,though, is one of scarcity – the boat that you really want it sold, and there is not enough time to order one before the season starts. If you are shopping for a used boat, it is even graver as the best used boats all get picked over during the boat shows and late winter.

Now what? Do you select a boat that is not really what you want, or worse, totally wrong for your family? Or do you sit out another summer on the water? Both are terrible circumstances.

Buying your boat at the show and making a mistake (buying the wrong boat)...

The other risk is that of making a choice at the Boat Show, and having it turn out that it wasn’t the right boat after all; this is the most common concern of boat buyers. What if it doesn’t work right? What if I buy it and it breaks down on me constantly? What if I don’t like the performance? What if it doesn’t actually do what our family needs? What if our family actually likes a different type of boating and we bought the wrong boat?

These are real concerns, and we hear them from great people like you all the time. So, you now have a dilemma: These two main opposing risks. Which one do I ignore, and which one do I pay attention to?

What if you didn’t have to choose? What if your new and used boat dealer thought about a solution to this problem you didn’t even know you had? Well, WE HAVE! The Len’s Cove Assurance Plan is a rock solid guarantee that if any of the above scenarios come true, you are protected. How does it do that? There are five pillars of the plan, and the most important ones to you being:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your new or used boat purchase, within the first months of taking delivery, you can receive the FULL PURCHASE PRICE back as a trade value against your boat of choice.

If your boat is not working correctly, or breaks down in the first season, we will COME TO YOU for the repair. This expense is not covered by any boat manufacturer’s warranty.

Is there any other dealer that puts that kind of promise in writing? If so, we have never see them. They may tell you they will take care of you, and they may actually believe it. However, are they passionate enough about helping you buy the RIGHT boat, and making your boat RIGHT to put a formal plan in place and a guarantee in writing?

So, what are you waiting for, get out to the Ottawa Boat Show and find the boat that is right for you. If we don’t have it, we will help you find it. What have you got to lose? Summer is coming!

Lower your boat buying risk