This is a Community! | Evidence The Galley on Big Rideau Lake

Posted By Bill Belanger On March 06, 2017
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I have always enjoyed this small village, and something happened one Saturday evening last summer that confirmed that this is really a community.

I live (full time) on the Big Rideau Lake and on occasion eat out. On a Saturday evening I went to The Galley in Portland for dinner. As I docked my boat a voice called from the balcony, “Is that you Bill?” So with the boat secure I went directly to the deck. I joined my friends.

A couple came up and sat at the next table with a young son about 4 years old. He was “antsy” as I used to call my kids in that mood. He was whining and fidgety. Neither parent was enjoying themselves. As the young lad crawled up on his Dad he was looking right at me and I said, “If you are not happy there we have 3 extra chairs here.” I knew how kids responded to such unexpected communication and he stopped his whining he as processed the information.

Bob was sitting at the next table and asked the boy, “Do you like to fish?” The boy responded, “Yes." Bob reacted, “If I get my fishing rod would you go fishing?”

Both parents nodded their approval (and their thanks) and when Bob came back with his fishing rod the two fishermen spent the next half hour on the dock. They didn’t catch anything but weeds. Mom and Dad looked relaxed.

When the fishing expedition was over the boy rejoined his parents in a totally different mood. Bob joined his friends at the table.

Thank you Bob for proving that this is a community where people will help each other in some amazing and unique ways. Mind you, obviously, Bob was a fisherman and loved to share his passion for it and the Rideau Lakes.

Would this happen in a big city? Possibly, and I hope so, but never saw it.


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