Boat Winterizing and Storage for Outboard Boats | Big Rideau Lake

Posted By Sean Horsfall On September 25, 2014

What does it take to winterize and store your outboard bow rider  or pontoon for our Eastern Ontario winters? Good question and we are glad you asked. In fact, it's a common question when someone is considering storing this type of new or used boat.

Every marina will likely do it slightly differently (depending on training, experience, equipment, facilities, dry land vs. water based marina, etc.). Here are the steps we take at Len's Cove Marina on Big Rideau Lake:

  1. Lake test and assessment of all equipment. Any deficiencies/suggestions noted and communicated to you by email (anything repairs suggested are for your approval).  We do a complete walk around with you at your boat when you drop it off also and note your needs at that time.

  2. Haul out, complete hull pressure wash, chemical bath (acid wash), soap and water scrub, and rinse.

  3. Remove hull drain plugs (none in pontoons).

  4. Fuel system stabilization (engine is run with stabilizer in the tank during lake test).

  5. Engine oil and filter changed (OEM approved parts only - if Four Stroke engine).

  6. Inspect all hoses, belts, connections on outboard.

  7. Drain and re-fill lower unit lubricant.

  8. Check charge of and disconnect battery.

  9. Ensure boat is dry and tidy before storage, tag with name and notes about possible work necessary.

  10. Shrink wrap with ventilation (if this is the package chosen). Store inside or outside as selected in secure and protected yard/building. Monitor throughout the winter.

  11. Monitor snow loads (if applcable) multiple times during winter months.

  12. Spring prep, install plugs (engine block and hull), install any hoses disconnected for winter, clean battery terminals and connect, inspect oils and lubricants.

  13. Launch, lake test, and verify equipment is working.

  14. Load on trailer or leave at dock for pick-up (as selected).

  15. "Courtesy/Spring Clean": wash down exterior, quick vacuum, wipe seats and clean windshield (detailed wash and wax service available in spring for extra charge)

  • Bonus #1: Earn AIRMILES® Reward Miles on your contract (service, and parts) and any winter work you elect to have completed. Also, if you are an existing Len's Cove Dockage and/or storage customer you can earn a referral bonus of extra AIRMILES® - ask us how!

  • Bonus #2: Take advantage of winter work for repairs, upgrades, preventative maintenance while you are not using your boat and be ready for spring. We keep our technicians on all winter long.

That's about it! Throw in an incredible staff who cares about your boat, great training, the right equipment, proper insurance, and the vision to make your winterization and storage a great part of your boating story, and you'll be ready to roll next spring!

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winterizing and storage on big rideau lake