Marina and Boating Rules 101 | 5 Points for BBQuing on Your Boat

Posted By Sean Horsfall On June 13, 2014

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We don't actually like the word "rules" here. Boating is too much fun to get to serious about regulations and strictness. We have a saying at Len's Cove: "common sense dictates". 

This spring however, we have a number of new boaters, and the question has been asked a few times: "Can I BBQ on my boat while it is parked at the dock?". Great question, and one that I have answered many times. We thought it might be smart to write out our thoughts on the matter.

  1. You are allowed to BBQ on your boat while it is docked at the marina.
  2. Our marina insurance does not prohibit it (I checked).
  3. BBQing on your boat while at the dock is in many ways safer than doing so at anchor on Big Rideau Lake (more protection, less waves, less wind).
  4. It is MORE dangerous because of the proximity of other flammable materials close by (canvas, vinyls, fuel tanks, etc.)
  5. The "respect thy neighbour" (do unto others...) is ultimately the rule that dictates here. If you are cooking something with a strong smell, and/or it is breezy in any way, you should NOT BBQ on your boat. It may impare your slip mate's enjoyment of the marina.
If you decide to barbecue on your boat while tied to the dock, be careful and courteous. Also, be prepared to offer samples to passers by.....we get hungry working the docks! ;-)