OEM Parts vs After Market Parts | Your Boating Enjoyment

Posted By Bonnie Mustard On April 10, 2014

OEM boat parts

Used boat need repairs or maintenance; it is a reality. From time to time we have customers question us about the reason we order OEM parts for thier boats as opposed to after-market parts. In a particular example, it was his belief that our business made more money when ordering OEM parts and that was the only reason for choosing them.

Despite my explanation, he still wasn’t satisfied, so we ordered the after-market part.  That process needed to be repeated three times before we finally got a part that actually fit his boat, which leads me to the main reason for OEM parts.

  • OEM Parts fit! When ordering a part directly from the original manufacturer, you are assured that the part will fit and work properly because it was specifically designed for that unit. The selection for after-market brands can be extensive. Knowing which one will actually fit and work can be a game of trial and error. This can lead to unnecessary expense and down-time for your boat.  The boating season is too short to be stuck on shore. Sometimes an aftermarket part needs to be modified, or does not fit quite right. This increases your labour time and can negate any savings.
  • OEM Quality. These parts are made to the manufacturer’s specifications. Quality materials are being used. They are built with certain specifications designed for optimum performance of each particular unit. The manufacturer knows what is required to keep your boat running at its best. When you order OEM parts, you are assured that you are getting the best quality for your money. 
  • OEM Warranty. Most OEM parts are backed by a one year warranty by the manufacturer. To keep costs down after-market parts have little to no warranty, or the claim process is very cumbersome.  

To sum it up, all after-market parts aren’t created equal, but OEM parts are. The bottom line is, for peace of mind, OEM is a good choice. We do what we do to help you enjoy time on the Big Rideau Lake, or wherever you do your boating. More time on the water and more enjoyment while you do it is our passion.