Big Rideau Lake Ice Damage | Spring 2014 Threat

Posted By Sean Horsfall On March 17, 2014

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Looking out over the Big Rideau Lake all winter long, one thing is clear - the winter of 2013/2014 is one that stories will be told about. If you have tried to shovel a walkway, or clean off a roof, you will know that this year's snow pack is as heavy as you may remember it ever being. The reality is, that as stubborn as this winter's grip has been, the spring thaw is not far off, and it could be messy!

All of the rivers and lakes in our area are going to be very susceptible to flooding. The volume of ice is going to make it hard for normal run-offs and flow out of the system. Be prepared! The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority is issuing warnings about possible floods. They will be posting updates on their website ( ), or you can follow them on Twitter @RideauValleyCA, or Facebook.

If you have property on the Big Rideau Lake, or any of the lakes and rivers in Eastern Ontario, this year more than any in the recent past, you may want to think about ways to mitigate ice and water damage. Do you have a bubbler (ice eater) in? Are all the items on your waterfront secure (docks, rafts, chairs, canoes, etc.). If you have kids or animals, warn them about the dangers of melting/shifting ice, and keep them away from the shores and from underneath eaves. Want any advice, don't hesitate to contact us. We go through this every year and love to help where we can.

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