4 Tips to Prevent Mold and Mildew During Winter Storage | Part 1 of 2

Posted By Mandy Fleming On September 23, 2013


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It’s never pleasant when you first get in your boat in the spring to find mildew has found its way onto your canvas and seats over the winter! We are often asked for suggestions of products to help get rid of mildew. Those products can be partially successful, or sometimes only do a good job at hiding it. The black shadow of mildew can still linger in your canvas and upholstery. The best way to deal with mildew is to prevent it from happening in the first place!

It is important to inspect your boat pre and post season for the first signs of mildew/mold. It is best treated when you catch it early! Brenda, our resident canvas expert, has a few tips to help you prepare your boat this fall to prevent problems in the spring:

  1. Clean it up! Brenda suggests the best tactic in preventing mold and mildew in your boat is to clean and dry the boat thoroughly before storing for the winter. When retiring your boat for the winter make sure it is dry before it is shrink-wrapped or tarped. Keep it out of the rain if possible and make sure you remove any dirt or potential stains now that might cause harm over the winter.

  2. Suck it out! When you are finally finished with your boat for the season use a product that absorbs dampness.  Leave it in the boat over the winter and remove it in the spring. We recommend “No Damp” and can help you select the correct size needed for your boat. This inexpensive product can save you money in the long run!

  3. Cover it! Brenda also suggests using a “winter only” cover for your boat. Buying a tarp, having it shrinkwrapped, or putting it inside is essential. We drive by many boats in the winter with only their “summer canvas” on. The moisture seeps through these and get stretched by snow and ice loads. Your regular cover should be removed and stored dry to protect it. The additional canvas should be a bit larger than the one you already have and fit over the sides of the boat. It should be supported by a frame, and then secure it with straps or rope for a tight fit.

  4. Let it breathe! Whatever you do, don’t wrap it too tightly. Air flow is key, and leaving vents front / back and side to side is essential!

Need more advice? Our team including Brenda is always ready help. Feel free to stop in at the Marina’s canvas shop anytime!

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