Auto VS. Marine Industry Service | What should You Expect?

Posted By Sean Horsfall On June 28, 2016
marine service on big rideau lake

There are no excuses, we want what you want - fast, fair priced, quality service and clear communication. For those of us in the marine industry we are not unfamiliar to a customer asking us “Why is this taking so long?” Why is a good a question.  As consumers that own cars/trucks, we are familiar with speed and efficient service that our car dealership effortlessly provides. Every time we drop our car off for the major repair and it only takes an afternoon and we can pick our car up at the end of the day! Amazing right?  Unfortunately, the boating industry has a number of significant differences and it can sometimes be hard to understand boat services. Below are some points to compare:





Next day parts delivery usually from one source (the manufacturer of the car)

Part number listings are complete by vehicle serial number

There can be delays shipping parts across the border

Part number listings are not complete

Parts inquires need to be directed to a company representative who tries to find the right product over the phone or by email

Parts come from multiple sources (boat, engine, canvas, trailer, hardware, etc) all have different suppliers, locations, and inventory levels.

Manuals and Diagnostics

Manuals include step by step diagnostic procedures. Manuals and diagnostics are clear and accurate

Incomplete manuals and diagnostics

There can sometimes not be enough information to aid technicians in diagnosing problems


Automobiles have been tested over years and are made to withstand our climate, and are used daily

Boats often sit for extended lengths of time, often in wet environments (water).

Ease of Access

Automobiles are easily accessed. They are easy to work on, maneuvered and test drive.

This process is simple and quick


Boats are harder to work on. They need to be pulled from the water for certain repairs, moved around on trailers or this time of year snow shoveled and moved indoors.

The boat needs to be put back in the water to test drive and sometimes removed again.

Even simple repairs at the dock involve hauling tools and parts. 

Often multiple items stored on board need to be moved, and/or taken apart to gain access.

Multi- Component

When working on a car you are just working on a vehicle designed to get you from point A to B.

When working on a boat technicians are working on more than one component. Boats have engines, electrical, plumbing, fiberglass. They are often places where people live, relax, etc.

Each technician needs to be a plumber, electrician, wood worker, and engine technician.


All that being said, one thing remains true - there can be good and bad marine service. We make every effort to get you going on time, and within budget. Being well trained, with solid procedures, and good stock of parts goes a long way. So does having the best boat and engine brands behind you, and certification through MICD 5-Star Program. Want to know if what we say is true? Don't take our word for it....see what others are saying on our testimonial page and on our Facebook Page Reviews, Google Reviews, or even Yelp.