2017 Dockage and Storage Contracts For Big Rideau Lake

Posted By Bonnie Banville On February 17, 2017
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Is winter is going by fast for enough for you? It's been a “real” snowy winter in 2016/2017, and it is exactly what our lakes and rivers need after a record hot and sunny summer in 2016! The days are getting longer and that is always welcome. Remember as a Big Rideau Lake boater that all lockage is FREE in 2017. Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

If you are returning for another season at Len's Cove, Thank you and welcome back! If you are new this year, welcome to the family. If you are just reading this blog because there is nothing else interesting online...then maybe you should consider joining us!

Your Dockage and Storage Invoice for 2017/2018 with all your services and personal details are on one page. It is a quote and a request for payment for your contract. NOW DIGITAL – we are using the digital signature and should be straightforward to sign on your computer, tablet, or phone and return. Please review your quote for accuracy. Once you are ready, please select your payment choice at the bottom, sign, and it gets sent back automatically. No need to print/scan or fax. Remember, there is a discount AND double AIRMILES® for complete payment. To secure your spot it is due back with payment no later than March 15, 2017.

This invoice includes your dock space for 2017, haul out, boat handling, winterizing, bottom cleaning, storage, launch in 2018 and all the services that go along with those activities. Here is a link to a blog posts outlining the steps we take with your boat for the winter and spring in case you want to re-read it:

If you have any questions or see an error when you review the invoice, please call us right away. We will be sending out an “account update” email with changes for the upcoming season. At that time you will be asked to verify your credit card information on file.

The price increase for the 2017/2018 season is due to these three main reasons:
  • Insurance – Business Insurance has increased significantly this year due to higher claim volumes Canada wide for flood, wind, etc. damage
  • Minimum Wage and Labor Costs – A significant portion of your contract is the cost of the hard-working team that makes sure you are serviced properly
  • Boat Handling Time – When reviewing all our rates, we realized that there was a gap in the amount we charge for all services, and that is the time, effort, and equipment we use to safely handle your boat in the yard/to and from the ramp/and with the forklift/travelift. This applies to all service, including repairs in the summer and winter season
Don’t forget to use the launch scheduler to request your launch it will be opening soon. We will send notice when it is available in mid to late March.

The shop team has been busy with winter work, getting all your boats ready for the upcoming season.Please remember to email Dave if there is something you want done before launch. We stop all elective maintenance and repairs between April 15th and June 15th, while we launch and deliver all the boats for spring.

The first event of the 2017 boating season for us is the Ottawa Boat Show Feb. 23rd -26th. We would love if you would please stop by to see us. Whether you are shopping or not, we are always happy to visit; take the time to smell some fiberglass and touch base with us. Keep an eye on us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our blog for everything to help you enjoy your time on the Big Rideau and beyond. Don’t forget to join us at the annual Pancake Brunch on April 9, 2017 (10:30 am-1:30pm) at the Portland Community Hall. We hope to see you then and back at your marina really soon!

To great BOAT(Best of All Times)ing,