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Read the notes below before clicking on the links to schedule your boat at the bottom. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask anytime. The best piece of advice we can give you is to book your launch for when you actually want to use your boat. We love to see you in them, on them, and using them!

  1. Even if you have "mentioned a date" to us before, please confirm it with the calendar links below.
  2. Len's Cove Marina will ensure all mandatory engine(s) and safety systems are operational (engine starting/shifting, bilge pump, navigation lights). We reserve the right to make minor repairs to those functions in order to leave the boat ready for you upon arrival. That may include new battery(s), bulb(s), pump(s), etc. as required. These items will be invoiced to your account. All repairs will be communicated to you and anything non essential/optional will be sent to you for approval first. By scheduling your launch here, you are agreeing to these terms.
  3. Please use proper capitalization in names like John Smith (not JOHN SMITH or john smith) and use the email address that you received the launch email from. Both these things keep our database clean and accurate.

What does Len's Cove do?

When our  team at Len's Cove launches a boat, we think about you coming to use it.

  • For runabouts, pontoons, and inboard towboats, they are fueled (charged to your account), courtesy cleaned, mechanically inspected, and lake tested to WOT (wide open throttle). Keys are left in Service unless you request otherwise in the form.
  • For cruisers, they are started, engine tested, and the water systems turned on and ready for use. Keys are left in Service.

When is it safe to Launch?

Every year is different! These are some general guidelines:

  • Outboards are safe in the water at ice out.
  • Inboard and I/Os are best launched after the risk of frost has decreased significantly (approx. April 15th).
  • Cruisers are not advised till April 20th or later (frost risk and heavy equipment/soft yard).

Is there anything else you need to do?

If your boat does not reside here at Len's Cove for the summer months, please make sure you select a launch date for a time when you know for sure that you can come pick it up. Space is at a premium in the spring (picture the 417 or 401 at rush hour). We really appreciate timely pick-up of your boat. Thank you!

The Wash and Wax Program is selected in the launch form below. Pricing and program details are available at this link here.

Select one time period for each boat here at Len's Cove.  **You need to click on an actual time (hour) to book.

Note, this is a dynamic system, "first come, first serve", and has only a limited number of spaces for each boat type, each week. Your boat will be ready by 5pm on the day of the week you choose your scheduled launch. By scheduling your launch using the link below you are agreeing to ALL conditions and notes found above on this page.

Runabout/Pontoon (Outboard or Sterndrive) Launch - Book Now!

MasterCraft/Inboard Towboat Launch - Book Now!

Cruiser Launch - Book Now!

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